Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Student Services Office Closed 07.23.14

Student Services OfficesClosed 07.23.14

Student Services (Bursar, Financial Aid, Registrar) will be closed Wednesday, July 23, 2014 due to their office relocation. The offices will be available Thursday by phone and email and will open to walk-in traffic on Friday, July 25, 2014.

Student Services new location is the Basement level of 951 Boylston Street accessed by the elevator.

Fall 2014 BAC Studio & Workshop Lottery

Spring 2014 BAC Studio & Workshop Lottery
Wednesday, August 6th, 2014 from 6-7:30 pm
320 Newbury Street, Cascieri Hall, 2nd Floor

Attending Studio Lottery is required for architecture students selecting Segment II studios or design workshops. If you are taking ARCH 1 or ARCH 2 (New curriculum), this does not apply.

Additionally, please note:
  • Interior Architecture students do not participate.
  • Architecture Foundation Students (Segment I) do not participate
  • Lottery results will be available online the next day, through the Student Life Blog. We will have a quick turnaround between the lottery and registration this year – so Please check the blog first before enrolling in other classes!

What happens at Studio Lottery?
We will briefly discuss the crossovers and course options for classic curriculum students and new curriculum students.

Instructors briefly present their studios and workshops. Students then meet with instructors to determine their top choices. Students complete forms and hand them directly to Kyle Sturgeon or Karen Nelson. The registrar will automatically register students for the assigned studio [if you completed mail-in registration]. Students should not try to drop the course and add another; they will be prevented from adding/changing studios without Kyle’s permission.


How to choose a Core studio or Workshop?

Classic Curriculum
Every architecture student is required to complete (4) Core studios and (1) Workshop in Segment II.  At least one studio must be a C1 and one must be a C2. C1 studios are focused on conceptual production as well as methodological approaches to design and argument, resulting in schematic design proposals.  C2 studios focus on building systems and material assemblies and arrive at a resolved building design proposal. It is strongly recommended that students entering Segment II begin with a C1 studio. Graduate students may elect to take any studio section (even if it is a Bachelor studio); while undergraduates may only take undergraduate studios. Students should balance what interests them with what they need to work on towards a complete portfolio submission.

New Curriculum
Students Who have taken ARCH 1 or ARCH 2 will notice eligible studios cross-referenced as ARCH 3, ARCH 4, or XDS (Advanced Interdisciplinary). These courses satisfy the next studios in your curriculum.

How does the Lottery work?
Lottery is based on Segment II studio seniority. If a student has completed (3) Core Studios, then the student will likely get his/her first or second choice. If a student is taking the first C studio, then the student is not likely to get her first or second choice. After seniority, reasons written why a student wants to study with a particular instructor are considered – please include relevant information to this regard on your selection sheet. Make certain to say so on the lottery preference form. If a student wishes to study with a friend, this should also be included on the sheet.

Missed it?
If you are unable to attend the Fall 2014 Studio Lottery, please contact Director Kyle Sturgeon for information on submitting your studio selections via email. All course descriptions for Segment II studios and workshops will be available by August 2nd online through Self-Service, or via email by contacting Kyle Sturgeon.

Student Summer Project :: Week #9

Student Summer Project :: Week #9

Excited to be done with school for the summer but are looking for something design related to do? Want to keep your drawing skills on point? Do you want to show off how awesome you are? Well here is your chance!  Student Life and BACBlog would like to introduce the brainchild of your fellow student, Courtney Walsworth, the Student Summer Project!

Here's how it works:
  1. Each week this summer (Wednesday morning) there will be a topic/subject given,
  2. Draw what it says,
  3. Submit a picture of your drawing to studentlife@the-bac.edu by the following Sunday,
  4. Said picture gets posted to the Student Life Facebook page and BACBlog,
  5. People "like" the drawings they like best on Facebook,
  6. You get a chance to win things (gift cards, BAC merch, and more)!
Week #9 Topic:
Contour drawing (don't look at your paper)


Previous Topics
Week 8 - Study a poorly designed space, call out what makes needs to be improved
Week 7 - Study of structural support
Week 6 - Study of Light and Shade in a space
Week 5 - Human/s interacting with technology
Week 4 - Two point perspective of an exterior space
Week 3 - One point perspective of an interior space
Week 2 - An exterior landscape that you see every day
Week 1 - Single object, add in a call out showing the texture

Summer 2014 Campus Clean-Out

Summer 2014 Campus Clean-Out

All studios and lockers across campus must be cleared out by Wednesday, July 30 at 10:30pm. Any materials and personal belongings left will be disposed of. Facilities will begin clearing out studios and lockers at 8:00am on July 31.

For questions contact Student Life at studentlife@the-bac.edu.

Cuba Studio + Seminar Info Session

Cuba Studio + Seminar Info Session
Monday, August 4, 2014 at 7 PM
Fishbowl, 320 Newbury Street

Interested to study in Cuba? The Fall Cuba study abroad studio will count as a 3 credit C1 studio and a History/Theory elective. This meeting will share the course framing, learning outcomes, and answer issues of finances and logistics of travel. Please join us at 7pm on August 4th at
320 Newbury 1st floor conference room if you want to reserve a seat in the Courses!

Contact Kyle.Sturgeon@the-bac.edu to RSVP

100 Mass Ave Yard Sale :: Everything Must Go!

100 Mass Ave Yard Sale :: Everything Must Go!
Friday, July 25, 2014 from 9 AM - 5 PM

The last phase of staff moves will take place tomorrow. Thanks to all for your patience during this process. Once we have cleared all of the furniture required for staff/ classroom relocations we will have surplus items that will need to find a new home.

On Friday, July 25 from 9:00AM-5:00PM we will unlock rooms at 100 Mass. Ave. 3rd, 4th and 5th floors. Any  items in those unlocked rooms are surplus and available for you to take home if you wish. There will be no charge for anything you want to take home that day. Anything remaining will be disposed of in an eco-friendly manner.

So here are the rules:
  • Any unlocked room that you see something in that you want, tag it and take it away.
  • The item(s) must be removed between 9:00-5:00 on Friday only. After that date it will be gone.
  • No Facilities department help will be available for you to move, lift, pack or otherwise handle the items.
  • The Facilities department will have a staff member available to operate the freight elevator for you, as the passenger elevator will not be available for moving items.
  • Enjoy what you take home.

Competition :: NEXT BIG ONE

Competition :: NEXT BIG ONE
Registration Deadline - Sunday, August 31, 2014

“NEXT BIG ONE” – an international open ideas competition organized by the Architecture for Humanity Vancouver Chapter – raises awareness on the high-magnitude earthquake and tsunami events that plague cities around the world. The competition calls upon the design community to offer fresh perspectives and innovative ideas in designing for disasters.

The challenge of this single-stage open-ideas competition is to propose an innovative design solution that can mitigate natural disasters while simultaneously providing permanence for the community. The proposal must satisfy the following criteria:
  1. Exemplify INNOVATION in disaster design,
  2. Promote COMMUNITY RESILIENCY before and after disasters,
  3. Meet the MULTI-HAZARD PARAMETERS for the worst-case scenario.

Design Professional Award: CAD$3000
The Bing Thom Emerging Designers Award: CAD$1500
Winners and Honorable Mentions will be announced on our website as well as social media outlets.

August 31, 2014 - Registration & FAQ Deadline
September 30, 2014 - Submission Deadline
October 31, 2014 - Winners Announced

Open to all designers (professional or student). Team collaboration is encouraged, but limited to 4 people per team.


Design Professionals - CAD$60
Emerging Designers (Student) - CAD$30

Monday, July 21, 2014

Campus Notice :: Office Location Changes

Campus Notice :: Office Location Changes

Dear BAC Community,   

We are in the process of creating exciting new spaces on campus this summer.  The changes will take place in phases during the month of July.  Please note the following: 

  • Practice – now located on the 5th floor of 320 Newbury.  Take a right off the elevator and follow to the end of the corridor 
  • Interior Architecture – located on the 3rd floor of 320 Newbury.  Take a right off the elevator and go halfway down the corridor
  • President's Office, Institutional Advancement and External & Government Relations – located on the 3rd floor of 322 Newbury Street (formerly Practice department).  Take a left off the elevator on the 3rd floor, turn left into the north stairwell.

  • Finance and Administration offices – moving to the ground floor of 951 Boylston Street.  From the main entrance of 951 Boylston Street, go down the stairs adjacent to the security desk.
  • Student Financial Services offices – moving to 955 Boylston Street.  From the 951 Boylston Street main entrance, go up the ramp adjacent to the security desk and take the elevator down two stops.  Use the side door in the elevator to gain entry to these offices.

  • Interior Architecture and Landscape Architecture Capstone Studio – moving to the 3rd floor of 320 Newbury.  Take a right off the elevator and go to the end of the corridor to room 307A. 
  • Architecture Thesis & Degree Project Studio – moving to the 2nd floor of 951 Boylston Street.  From the main entrance of 951 Boylston Street, go up the ramp adjacent to the security desk and take the elevator or stairs to the 2nd floor.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sunday Projects :: Parc Central

Sunday Projects :: Parc Central

Firm: Andy Tong Interiors Ltd.
Project Location: Guangzhou, China

This unique and stylish showroom has an area of 2,000 square feet. With the grand and modern ambiance brought forth by meticulously chosen materials, this splendid and futuristic shopping mall in Guangzhou is proudly displayed before all visitors. The design is intended to fully demonstrate the merits of the mall, and precisely deliver the principles and values behind the design to the potential tenants; consequently, they will not only be impressed by the fashionable atmosphere, but also grasp a full understanding of the marketing position of the mall. The visitors will be inspired to see the huge business opportunities inside, boosting the rental business of the developer...

Full article and additional images.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

IN-HOUSE Festivalhttps://in-house.squarespace.com/

IN-HOUSE Festival
August 8-10, 2014

IN-HOUSE Festival is an open house event committed to celebrating and engaging our
community through local music, art, food, drink, and good old neighborly friendliness. We
are hosting the festival at a new two-family house we are building on Fort Hill to introduce
our neighbors to the project and to showcase local artists and musicians. IN-HOUSE
Festival, both a block party and an open house, will ll the weekend with lively
performances, art walks, and house tours.